May 272017

The future of warehouses may be one with fast shipments and few human employees if robots like Kiva Systems continue to invade the workplace.

Quotes from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

  • “If your customer base is aging with you, then eventually you are going to become obsolete or irrelevant. You need to be constantly figuring out who are your new customers and what are you doing to stay forever young.” ~ Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon
  • “The most important single thing is to focus obsessively on the customer. Our goal is to be earth’s most customer-centric company.” ~ Jeff Bezos
  • “We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.”  ~ Jeff Bezos

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Apr 192017

SAP Digital Extended Supply Chain

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Apr 132017

Blockchain and the Internet of Things explained

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Data Quotes

  • “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” ~ Albert Einstein
  • “All businesses need to be young forever. If your customer base ages with you, you’re Woolworth’s.” ~ Jeff Bezos.
  • “The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.” ~ Carly Fiorina, Former CEO of HP
  • “The world is one big data problem.” ~ Andrew McAfee
  • “In many cases, jobs that used to be done by people are going to be able to be done through automation. I don’t have an answer to that. That’s one of the more perplexing problems of society.” ~ John Sculley.
  • “The temptation to form premature theories upon insufficient data is the bane of our profession.” ~ Sherlock Holmes, fictional detective
  • “The greatest value of a picture is when it forces us to notice what we never expected to see.” ~ John Tukey, American Mathematician

Supply Chain iot big data

Jan 142017

Ford Big Data Analytics

From More than 200 Ford employees have volunteered to allow the company to collect driving data from in-vehicle sensors. By applying big data analytics, researchers can learn more about how people move and see patterns that can help them derive mobility solutions and improve products based on how drivers actually use their vehicles.

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Analytics and Big Data Quotes

  • “In God we trust. All others must bring data.”   ~ W. Edwards Deming
  • “If we have data, let’s look at data. If all we have are opinions, let’s go with mine.”  ~ Jim Barksdale
  • “The most valuable commodity I know of is information.”  ~ Gordon Gekko, Wall Street (1987)
  • “Listening to the data is important… but so is experience and intuition. After all, what is intuition at its best but large amounts of data of all kinds filtered through a human brain rather than a math model?” ~ Steve Lohr
  • “It is today we must create the world of the future.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt
  • “The important thing is not to stop questioning.” ~ Albert Einstein
Aug 122016

Internet of Things IoT

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Jul 132016

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Apr 292016

Big Data, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT), Supply Chain

Big Data, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT), Supply Chain

Not even sure where to start with all this.  I am guessing there are some people out there that don’t know what any of these words are or how they impact you.  Supply Chain has been around forever.  If you aren’t what supply chain is think Logistics, Procurement, Manufacturing all integrated into one.  The word supply chain has become somewhat mainstream maybe in the last 10 years or so.  Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and Industry 4.0 are all relatively new terms and not wide spread yet.  The technology term “Cloud” wasn’t highly known but once it caught on in phones now many people know there is a cloud somewhere and somehow my data goes to it.

The Internet has brought along Big Data.  There is so much data out there and so much data is created everyday.  Big Data is used to crunch all the information out there and create information that can be used by businesses.  Do you have a Fitbit?  Can you control certain aspects of your home from your phone?  This is all the Internet of Things.  Some people are predicting the Internet of Things will have a bigger impact than the Internet.


Apr 212016

The Next Internet: the Cloud, Big Data, and the Internet of Things.  This presentation by Professor Vincent Mosco identifies key features in the next phase of Internet development by focusing on cloud computing, big data analytics, and the Internet of Things.  Here are links to this topic on our LinkedIn discussion as well as our Facebook discussion.

  • The Internet of Things (IoT) will impact supply chain in so many ways. Either learn about it, or get left behind. ~
  • Imagine where your company would be if it didn’t adapt and leverage the Internet. That will be the same way if your company doesn’t get involved with the Internet of Things (IoT). ~

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Supply Chain 3D Printing

Apr 202016

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is just getting strarted.  Arlen Nipper has been designing embedded computer hardware and software for 33 years. Arlen graduated from Oklahoma State University and worked in the oil patch for 10 years learning tons of useful stuff about “how things work” in the real world. The next part of Arlen’s career path led to signing up with a startup technology company called NovaTech providing design and integration services using embedded computer technology. NovaTech was a successful startup and became Arcom Control System and then Eurotech Inc. over the last 20 years. 16 minute video.  This is a great video and highly encourage anyone to check it out.  Great way to quickly learn more about the Internet of Things.  The Internet of Things is a huge game changer for supply chain.  There is a great deal of change coming due to the Internet of Things.  Hope you have a fabulous day and thank you for visiting our community

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  • The Internet will disappear. There will be so many IP addresses, so many devices, sensors, things that you are wearing, things that you are interacting with, that you won’t even sense it. It will be part of your presence all the time. Imagine you walk into a room, and the room is dynamic. And with your permission and all of that, you are interacting with the things going on in the room.”  ~ Eric Schmidt, Google chairman
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) will impact supply chain in so many ways.  Either learn about it, or get left behind.  ~
  • Imagine where your company would be if it didn’t adapt and leverage the Internet.  That will be the same way if your company doesn’t get involved with the Internet of Things (IoT).  ~


Internet of things

Internet of things

Mar 252016

The Internet of Things

From Youtube: You’ve heard of smart homes and fitness trackers, but have you heard of the Internet of Things? The latest video in our Mashable Explains series takes a look at these cool gadgets.

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