Jul 172016
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Walmart Supply Chain

The Walmart Supply Chain is one of the best in the world. Ever since Sam Walton founded Walmart the company has focused on always improving, always getting better.   If you read “Made In America” by Sam Walton or know Walmart’s history you know that some of Walmart’s greatest innovations came out of necessity.  Walmart started in rural America so Sam Walton had to do things a bit different than the stores in major cities.  Swimming against the current can greatly pay off.

I had the opportunity to work for Walmart Logistics early in my career and learned a great deal.  While at Walmart I did not hear the word supply chain and very rarely heard the word logistics. However,  I learned a great deal about supply chain fundamentals and what truly matters to the bottom line.  Whenever I am doing supply chain research I always relate it back to my time with Walmart Logistics.

One of my interview questions from the Distribution Leadership team was as follows:  Put in order of importance Quality,  Safety and Productivity. I said safety, quality and then productivity.  We then discussed why safety is so important. That is the only question I remember from the interview but the discussion really stayed with me.

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