Dec 232015
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If you don’t give presents at Christmas time you may not relate to this post as much as others.  But for those who search the Internet for the lowest prices and go out on Black Friday to discover that one thing you can’t live without, you have utilized supply chain principles.  There are many people who say they don’t understand what supply chain is about or will say they don’t have supply chain experience.  This post isn’t to dumb down supply chain but it is to say that we all have some type of supply chain experience one way or another.  Christmas time is a perfect example.  We have customers (the people who want us to get them gifts).  We have suppliers, those are the stores and different channels we utilize to purchase gifts.  Then we have the people who plan way ahead of time and are done with Christmas shopping by Black Friday and then there are others like myself who have up until Christmas Eve to finish their Christmas shopping.  If Santa can wait til Christmas Eve why can’t I?  :-)  We first put a plan together and find out who wants what, and who needs what.  Who can live without certain things and what is our overall budget.  We then go out and buy what we need.  We go through logistic nightmares finding parking at the mall and going to the post office.  Once we buy the presents we wrap them so they are ready for distribution.  For some of us, most of the presents are kept at the house, for others, we may do a lot of shipping.

Will be writing much more how we experience supply chain in our every day lives and what we can do to utilize supply chain to make our every day lives even better.  Would like to hear from you to say what are your experiences of using Supply Chain in your every day lives…….?


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