May 102017
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Free Supply Chain Training

When I hear the words “free Supply Chain training” I automatically think what is the catch.  There is a huge amount of free supply chain training out there just need to know where to get it.  Youtube is a favorite place to get free training as well as great conferences that I don’t have the time to attend.  Below are some of the absolutely free supply training training resources.


What is the mistake in the quote below?  This is a great quote for this blog.  You have supply chain experience one way or another.  Think about your day and all things that apply to supply chain and logistics.  When loading the dishwasher do you do maximum capacity or do you spread out the dishes to ensure perfectly clean dishes?   If you have kids think about the logistics it takes to get the kids to where they need to be.  Learn from everywhere and learn from everyone.

free supply chain training

This is one of my favorite quotes because we can learn from everyone.  Sometimes you learn the good, sometimes you learn the bad.  Think about the worse boss you have ever had.  Do you try not to be like that person?

supply chain

free supply chain training


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