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Tesla Motors

From Wikipedia:  Tesla Motors, Inc. is an American automotive and energy storage company[5] that designs, manufactures, and sells luxury[6] electric cars, electric vehicle powertrain components, and battery products.[7] Tesla Motors is a public company that trades on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the symbol TSLA.[8] In the first quarter of 2013, Tesla posted profits for the first time in its history.[9] –  more on Wikipedia

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  • “Everybody around here has slides in their lobbies. I’m actually wondering about putting in a roller coaster — like a functional roller coaster at the factory in Fremont. You’d get in, and it would take you around [the] factory but also up and down. Who else has a roller coaster? … It would probably be really expensive, but I like the idea of it.”  ~ Elon Musk, founder of Paypal, Tesla
  • “I’ve thought about it quite a lot … We could definitely make a flying car – but that’s not the hard part … The hard part is, how do you make a flying car that’s super safe and quiet? Because if it’s a howler, you’re going to make people very unhappy.” ~ Elon Musk
  • “We have essentially no patents in SpaceX. Our primary long-term competition is in China — if we published patents, it would be farcical, because the Chinese would just use them as a recipe book.” ~ Elon Musk
  • “There’s a fundamental difference, if you look into the future, between a humanity that is a space-faring civilization, that’s out there exploring the stars … compared with one where we are forever confined to Earth until some eventual extinction event.” ~ Elon Musk
  • “Short of figuring out real teleportation, which would of course be awesome (someone please do this), the only option for super-fast travel is to build a tube over or under the ground that contains a special environment.” ~ Elon Musk

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Tesla Motors

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