Nov 052016
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Jack Welch Create Candor

Former chairman of General Electric tells audience to foster honest feedback: “If you reward candor, you’ll get it.” Great advice from one of the top business leaders of all time.

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Jack Welch Quotes

  • “Leaders never score off their own people by stealing an idea and claiming it as their own.” ~ Jack Welch, former CEO of GE
  • “Good people never think they’ve reached the top of their game. But they’re dying to get there!” ~ Jack Welch
  • “No vision is worth the paper it’s printed on unless it is communicated constantly and reinforced with rewards.”  ~ Jack Welch, Winning
  • “What is trust? I could give you a dictionary definition, but you know it when you feel it. Trust happens when leaders are transparent, candid, and keep their word. It’s that simple. Your people should always know where they stand in terms of their performance. They have to know how the business is doing. And sometimes the news is not good—such as imminent layoffs—and any normal person would rather avoid delivering it. But you have to fight the impulse to pad or diminish hard messages or you’ll pay with your team’s confidence and energy.”  ~ Jack Welch, Winning

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Jack Welch quotes

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