Nov 292016
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Walmart Supply Chain Information


The Walmart Supply Chain is one of the best in the world. Ever since Sam Walton founded Walmart the company has focused on always improving, always getting better. If you read “Made In America” by Sam Walton or know Walmart’s history you know that some of Walmart’s greatest innovations came out of necessity. Walmart started in rural America so Sam Walton had to do things a bit different than the stores in major cities. Swimming against the current can greatly pay off.


“I don’t know what would have happened to WalMart if we had laid low and never stirred up the competition. My guess is that we would have remained a strictly regional operator.” ~ Sam Walton, created the Walmart Supply Chain
“At Wal-Mart, it goes back to Sam Walton and the foundation and business model that we simply operate for less, or everyday low cost. We’re known for operating in a very efficient way and then giving those savings to customers.” ~ Mike Duke, former CEO of Walmart

Walmart supply chain information





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