Apr 252016
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The Bullwhip Effect

Professor Hau Lee (Stanford University) talks about his research in supply chain management and how the Bullwhip Effect influences distribution chains. Lee describes industry trends and emerging markets.

The bullwhip effect can cause major disruptions in the supply chain.  The bullwhip effect is a very simple concept that can cause major issues throughout the supply chain.  Below you will find videos on the Beer Game.  Simple game that explains the bullwhip effect.

Supply Chain and Inventory Management Training.

“Bullwhip Effect: Shifts in customer demand are magnified the farther you move up the supply chain.  This leads to large fluctuations in inventory.” ~EverythingSupplyChain.com.

bullwhip effect

“Make inventory a common enemy for your company.” ~Dave Waters

bullwhip effect inventory management

Supply Chain and the bullwhip effect

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