Nov 092016
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Penske Logistics and Ford Motors

On May 10, 2012, the European Logistics Association (ELA) honored Penske Logistics and Ford Motor Company with the 2012 European Award for Logistics Excellence. The companies received the award for a joint case study submitted to the organization, which documented their close collaboration on the creation of an innovative “Network Integrator” concept developed by the two companies.

The team behind the concept consists of logistics experts and thought leaders from Penske Logistics and Ford Motor Company in Europe. Together, they have designed flexible logistics solutions for inbound and outbound shipments by integrating the supply chains of participating car brands to create a collaborative logistics network.
Earning the 2012 European Award for Logistics Excellence 2012 is a high honor for Penske Logistics. Penske’s outstanding work as a global logistics services provider and supplier has earned strong recognition from Ford as well. Since 2008, Penske has earned Ford Motor Company’s Gold World Excellence Award twice and one Silver World Excellence Award. Penske continues to provide a wide array of logistics and supply chain services to Ford around the globe.

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