Aug 042017
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Facebook Supply Chain Discussion

Would like to share some great discussions that are happening in our Facebook Supply Chain Community.  Would be great if you could add to the discussion.  The more people who are participating the more valuable the discussions become.

What attributes can be used to determine the performance of a supplier?

What have you done to improve your supply chain knowledge in the last 6 months?

What is the difference between Logistics and Procurement?

Could someone please explain reverse Logistics?

Guys i need some suggestions. I have been offered admission in MBA supply chain and M.S.C.M (Masters of Supply chain management).  I have to select one program….

How will artificial intelligence be used in supply chain?

If a person has the experience and capability to do a job does a degree matter?

What advice would you give to someone just starting in supply chain?

What is the worst excuse you have heard from a company for not delivering on-time?

What are people’s thought about Big Data in the supply chain? How can it be used?

What are the strategies we could use to be an efficient & effective Supply Chain company?

What are your thoughts on how drones will impact Logistics in the future?

What trends have the biggest opportunities for Supply Chain?

What is your favorite quote? Feel free to add more than one.

What companies do you admire most because of their supply chain?

What Supply Chain trends should people be researching?

What reasons have you heard why a supplier has to raise their prices?

What advice would you give to someone just starting in supply chain?

What part of a car would supply Chain be? And if you want to elaborate that would be great.

What would be the impact of BlockChain technology on the supplyChain!

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