Oct 192016
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SAP Training

Jim reveals the mechanism you can use to land a job in SAP (2012 and beyond). The SAP job market has changed significantly – SAP technical jargon is no longer enough to get you an interview. In the future, it is necessary to find a meaningful way to convey real SAP experience, and communicate an understanding of meaningful business processes and outcomes. This video describes a SAP “triangle of trust” that allows you to tie together the most important aspects of a SAP interview in a persuasive manner.

Aug 122016
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SAP MM Training – Supply Chain



Jan 252016
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From Youtube: If you are intimidated by job descriptions or interviews that require ERP (Oracle, SAP, Dynamics, NetSuite) experience, this video should help. Here is my recommendation for getting the most out of this video:
(1) watch it and take cheat sheet notes.
(2) Review this cheat sheet before every interview.
(3) Come back to this video and watch it after you have had a couple of days to think about the topics.

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