Nov 172016
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IKEA Logistics Design

Ever wonder how IKEA does their design?  I was at IKEA the other day and was amazed how they packaged a dresser.  The design was so efficient and easy to put together.

IKEA Quotes

  • “To design a desk which may cost $1,000 is easy for a furniture designer, but to design a functional and good desk which shall cost $50 can only be done by the very best.” ~ Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA founder.
  • “I could regularly travel first class, but having money in abundance doesn’t seem like a good reason to waste it. Why should I choose first class? To be offered a glass of champagne from the air hostess? If it helped me arrive at my destination more quickly, then maybe.” ~ Ingvar Kamprad, Supply Chain Guru
  • “Making mistakes is the privilege of the active. It is always the mediocre people who are negative, who spend their time proving that they were not wrong.” ~ Ingvar Kamprad

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