Dec 072015
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Apple’s iPhone 6s Supply Chain

The demand for the iPhone 6s when it first came out was immense.  The Apple Supply Chain did a great job dealing with the incredible demand.

From Ron Johnson, Enjoy Technology’s chief executive officer, and Mark Gurman,’s senior editor, discuss the release of Apple’s iPhone 6s with Bloomberg’s Emily Chang on “Bloomberg West.”

More Apple and Apple Supply Chain Information


  • “We care about every worker in our worldwide supply chain… What we will not do – and never have done – is stand still or turn a blind eye to problems in our supply chain. On this you have my word.” ~ Tim Cook
  • “Apple has changed every day since I have been here. But the DNA of the company, the thing that makes our heart beat, is a maniacal focus on making the best products in the world. Not good products, or a lot of products, but the absolute best products in the world. In creating these great products we focus on enriching people’s lives – a higher cause for the product.” ~ Tim Cook

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